The beauties of Liguria: sun, olive oil, turquoise seas and a lot more! Liguria

By travelling to the Langhe you might not imagine being exactly one step from the seaside. Actually, the Langhe are situated halfway between the mountains and the sea, and that’s why a dish like ‘vitello tonnato’, thinly sliced veal with tuna sauce, can be found on Piedmontese restaurant menus. This dish could be prepared with the preserved tuna that sailors brought inland, in exchange for local meat and vegetables they wanted to bring home with them.

They once used the salt routes to carry their products from Liguria to Piedmont and exchange them for other food. In fact, the Langhe used to be just a couple of days’ walk from the sea, which explains why these connections happened in the past.

By staying in the Langhe you would probably not imagine to be exactly one step from the seaside!

A visit to the Langhe somehow seems more complete then with a visit to one of the picturesque seaside villages of Liguria, a province known for its plants, flowers, sea and olive oil.

Although the coast is in many places built up and touristic, it does still have unimaginable gems. The visit is really worth it, and by car they are just one hour and a half far away from us! Discover this fantastic region by starting from our tips.

As you will slowly realise, it is not only seaside, but also good food, nice flowers, organic agriculture and wooded hills!

RES_Noli boats


One of the most charming seaside villages of Liguria.

Its mediaeval centre is tiny but boasts charm and authenticity. Its seaside has a promenade and a still functioning fish market.

Visit it in the early morning and see the fishermen pull their boats onto the sandy beach and bring in their fresh fish to the market.

In the town you find small shops with all one could wish for, delicious ice creams, bakeries where to buy the typical focaccia, clothes shops… a nice mix of everything. There are a few famous fish restaurants, in the centre as well as on the promenade with breathtaking views on the azure waters.

And of course, make sure you taste the original and delicious pasta al pesto, with potatoes and green beans!


Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure never disappoints either. The ancient town is picturesque and the sandy beach is perfect to relax.

Visit Finale Borgo, the ancient Finale inland up the hill. The town has recently undergone several renovations restoring it to its former glory.

Finale Ligure, on the coast, is modern and always buzzing with life. It has a nice little harbour and sandy beaches to visit.

From Finale one can take the SP1, via Aurelia, back to Noli and marvel at the dramatic rocky coast line. Stop off for a visit to some of the relaxing seaside resorts of Varigotti. We suggest going to the tiny beach of Malpasso, flanked in its back by a huge rock face that lights up orange in the evening sunlight. A spectacular sight!

RES_Le Manie

Le Manie park

The ideal place for a walk or a bike tour, under lush pine forests.

An attraction in itself is the road SP45 that leads from Noli to Finale Ligure, passing through the natural park of Le Manie. It starts just below Noli’s castle (as SP54) and leads to lush hills with pines and dramatically coloured red soil.

A wonderful place to rest after doing what this area invites you to: hiking, road biking or mountain biking. The area has a dense network of trails that are well signposted. The road will lead you from one breathtaking spot to the other as you track the hills’ ridges with sea views on the one side, and the mountain range of the Apennines.

For lovers of honest local food there are several restaurants along this road. One is called La Grotta and it is just off the road situated on top of a prehistoric cave!

RES_Noli shop


Surprising and charming mediaeval town

In the mediaeval town of Albenga you’ll be overthrown by beautiful genovese architecture and cosy small city buzz amongst arches and alleys.

There is a wonderful olive oil museum where the ancient production processes are shown and where the best local oils can be tasted and purchased.

Albenga is also well known for its flowers and vegetable cultivations, so don’t miss the chance to buy some before going back home!